Siddharth Singh
About Siddharth
Languages English, HIndi
Preferred Working Region
Camera Tracking
Body Tracking
Object tracking
Software Skills
Working In Industry Since 2012-11-01
Using 3DEqualizer Since 2016-12-01
About Me Hello, and welcome to my LinkedIn profile! With over 10 years of experience in the VFX film and TV industry, I am a seasoned professional specializing in matchmove. Currently, I have dedicated the past five years to honing my expertise in this field. Throughout my career, I have worked on numerous high-profile projects, collaborating with talented teams to bring visually stunning and immersive experiences to the screen. My passion for VFX and matchmove has driven me to continuously seek out innovative techniques and stay updated with the latest industry trends. As a matchmove artist, I possess a deep understanding of camera tracking, object tracking, and 3D integration. I have a keen eye for detail and a meticulous approach to ensure seamless integration of CG elements into live-action footage. With my strong technical skills and creative problem-solving abilities, I have consistently delivered high-quality work, meeting tight deadlines without compromising on the artistic vision. Beyond my technical expertise, I am a collaborative team player who thrives in dynamic work environments. I excel at communication and enjoy building strong relationships with my colleagues and clients. I believe in the power of effective collaboration to achieve outstanding results. If you are seeking a dedicated and experienced matchmove artist to enhance your production, I would be thrilled to connect with you. Let's discuss how my skills and passion can contribute to your team's success.
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