Vahagn Amirkhanyan
About Vahagn
Languages English, Russian, Armenian
Preferred Working Region Anywhere
HDRi shooting and assembly
Texture painting
Camera Tracking
Software Skills
Adobe Photoshop
Audesk Maya
3D Equalizer
Adobe After Effects
Nvidia Mental Ray 3.14
Autodesk Mudbox
Autodesk 3ds Max
The Foundry NUKE
The Foundry MARI
Working In Industry Since 1997-07-01
Using 3DEqualizer Since 2014-12-01
About Me Working in CG industry since 1997. Most latest works are "Attraction"(2017), "The Duelist" (2016), "Furious (aka Kolovrat)" (r.d. planned in 2017). In 2000 he took the Maya basic course at Realtime School (Moscow), earning an Alias|Wavefront certificate of completion. IBetween 1998 and 2014, my professional experience included mostly 3D generalist tasks for a wide range of projects such as feature films, documentaries, TV commercials, music videos etc. In 2014, I changed my focus and completed a course in 3D for VFX at Escape Studios in order to future deepen and polish my skills. Since then, I have been working on feature films as camera tracker and match move artist. I am now looking for new opportunities to work on challenging projects.
May 2016 - Nov 2016
Freelance Camera tracker
Mar 2008 - Mar 2014
3DVFX/Compositing Artist
Sharm Holding
May 2016 - Nov 2016
Attraction (2017)
Camera tracker
May 2016 - Nov 2016
The Duelist (2016)
Camera tracker
Mar 2008 - Mar 2014
The Knight's Move [2013] / Poker AM [2012] / The Fiancé from Circus [2011] / Millionaire Wanted [2010]
3DVFX/Compositing Artist
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