Jerry Wilson
UK, India
About Jerry Wilson
Languages Tamil, English
Preferred Working Region UK, India
Video Editing
Motion Graphics
3D lighting
Software Skills
Adobe AfterEffects
Adobe Premiere Pro
3D Equalizer
The Foundry Nuke
Final Cut Pro
Adobe Photoshop
Avid Media Composer
Autodesk Maya
Davinci Resolve
Working In Industry Since 2016-05-01
Using 3DEqualizer Since 2016-09-01
About Me I would be greatly pleased to join your project for the post of After Effects Designer as I posses the required skills and experience in this arena. I have experience doing a short film using After Effect, Avid and Photoshop. I' currently doing my Masters in Visual Communication, I'm doing several projects in a team as director, script writer, editor, and vfx artist I have experience in working with Final Cut Pro and can work under any work pressure or rigid deadlines. I look forward to being hired by you.
May 2016 - May 2017
VFX Faculty
Image Creative Education
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