Christopher Weinberg
Pacific Northwest of USA.
About Christopher
Languages English
Preferred Working Region Pacific Northwest of USA.
Stop Motion VFX Integration
3D Scanning
Software Skills
Working In Industry Since 2005-10-01
Using 3DEqualizer Since 2009-07-01
About Me I am a specialist in the field of integrating VFX with Stop Motion animation for feature film and television.
Mar 2023 -
VFX Lead
Shadow Machine
Dec 2008 - Dec 2009
Video Editor
Nike World Headquarters
Oct 2005 - Feb 2023
VFX Surveyor & Matchmover
Oct 2023 -
Tiny Chef
VFX Lead
Mar 2023 - Oct 2023
In The Know
VFX Lead
Mar 2020 - Mar 2023
Various, Development
Lead Surveyor
Mar 2017 - Mar 2020
Missing Link
Survey & Matchmover
Mar 2016 - Mar 2019
Kubo and the Two Strings
Survey & Matchmover
Mar 2013 - Mar 2016
The Boxtrolls
Survey & Matchmover
Jun 2010 - Mar 2013
Survey & Matchmover
Oct 2005 - Dec 2009
Motion Control Technician
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