Open Source Lens Distortion Removal Plugin for Nuke
  • 3DE4 R1
  • Open Source Lens Distortion Removal Plugin for Nuke 3DEqualizer4 Release 1

Dear Friends of 3DE!

Matti Gruener, who is working at Trixter Film GmbH in Munich, has developed a plugin for The Foundry's Nuke compositing software. This plugin allows it to add or remove lens distortion to/from any footage, according to 3DE4's lens distortion model, which is done by applying efficient warping techniques - like those of warp4!

His work is based on a similar plugin for shake, originally being developed by Mark Visser for Meteor Studios, improved by Michele Sciolette (Cinesite Europe Ltd.).

Matti's plugin is open source and can be downloaded (source code, as well as precompiled binaries) at by everyone - bug fixes, improvements and any feedback welcome!

Cheers, Rolf

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