Details about startup phase of 3DE4 and flcd4
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  • Details about startup phase of 3DE4 and flcd4 by Uwe Sassenberg - Science-D-Visions

We tried to simplify the entire installation procedure in comparison to 3DE V3. There are only 2 executables left: 3DE4 & flcd4. 
3DE4 contains the main app. and the license manager (formerly "flcadmin"). There is a command line option ("-manage_licenses") to force 3DE4 in "manage licenses only" mode. 
flcd4 is the license server deamon software. 

Rough breakdown what happens during the startup of 3DE4 

1.) 3DE4 tries to connect flcd4 
First the environment variable "LICENCE_SERVER_3DE4" is examined. If it doesn't exist, the last connected license server is contacted (information is stored in the user's ".3dequalizer/" dir).Finally, flcd4 on the user's local machine is contacted. If all this fails... 

2.) 3DE4 starts flcd4 on the user's local machine 
If 3DE4 cannot establish a connection to a license server, then it starts flcd4 on the user's local machine! 

3.) 3DE4 tries to acquire a license from flcd4 automatically 
When 3DE4 finally is able to connect to a flcd4 daemon, it tries to lock a free license automatically (without opening the license manager window). If there is no free license, or if it can't connectto any flcd4 it opens the license manager window... and wait's for user input! 

Command line options 

Most clients want to host multiple licenses on a dedicated license server machine. This can simply be achieved by running flcd4 on such a  license server machine (probably as root). The old"flcd" and the new "flcd4" can run on the same machine, since flcd4 uses a different port, by default (57423). 
The command line option "-use_port <port number>" forces 3DE4 to use a different port. As an alternative, it looks out for a "sdv-flc4/tcp" entry in "/etc/services" (flcd4 does this, aswell). 
To manage any licenses, 3DE4 can be started in "manage licenses only" mode from any remote (user) machine 
(command line option "-manage_licenses"). 
There is a new feature to determine a license server's system ID through TCP/IP: 
- enter the name of the license server machine into the text field "License Server" 
- click on "Show System ID"

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