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Dear Friends of 3DE!

3DE4 R2b2 has become available today. We fixed a lot of calculation core related bugs, mainly in connection with sync/mocap/witness.

In addition, there is a new feature which forces 3DE to create new keyframes automatically based on tracking deviation, while tracking a point in pattern tracking mode. These newly created keyframes thus define new reference patterns, effectively increasing tracking quality while reducing number of necessary clicks.

For more details please see changelog below...

Cheers, Rolf

  • added a deviation bar which displays the current's frame tracking quality during 3DE4's manual tracking procedure (pattern tracking)
  • added an option which forces 3DE4 to create new 2D keyframes automatically based on tracking deviation (pattern tracking)
  • added an option which forces 3DE4 to stop the tracking procedure in case of too large tracking deviation (pattern tracking)
  • fixed a bug which caused the timesliders of cameras not to be sync'ed to each other (sync and stereo enabled)
  • added a script for copying mocap point animations from one sequence to another (object browser>edit>copy mocap anim. data)
  • added a script for exporting full 3D solve data to After Effects
  • improved script "export nuke rolling shutter compensation" (v1.2, better lens distortion support)
  • fixed a bug which caused 3DE4 to produce relatively large deviations in the first frames of a mocap project
  • fixed a bug which caused 3DE4 to calculate bad results when combining survey free points with three survey points
  • fixed a bug which caused 3DE4 to calculate bad results within frames where less than 4 points have been tracked (stereo, object point groups)
  • fixed a bug which caused 3DE4 to badly align survey free solves to the global coordinate frame
  • fixed a bug which caused 3DE4 to put animation data into the wrong point group object (empty camera pgroup, object pgroup)
  • added a feature which indicates that any non standard advanced options are being actived (parameter adjustment window)
  • added a new option to warp4 which allows to crop footage to original FOV resolution (reapply distortion option, v1.2b2)
  • fixed a bug which caused 3DE4 to crash (calc all from scratch, sync, witness/object pgroup)
  • a large number of minor bugfixes and improvements for 3DE4's calculation core

  • implemented camera synchronization feature (witness camera setups, mocap setups)
  • added the ability to embed attribute editor, parameter adjustment, python console, image controls into main window's pane structure
  • included up/down/left/right buttons into embedded editors & browsers for quick repositioning within pane structure
  • improved performance when creating new object browsers
  • added new autocenter function which centers a point's inner tracking box
  • added additional information to 3DE4's display area such as current camera's stereo/sync mode and proxy footage
  • changed 3DE4's preferences file format to ascii
  • added a new option to 3DE4's prefs for hiding duplicate python scripts (older versions)
  • added a new option to 3DE4's prefs for storing buffer compression files into a custom dir
  • added a new option to 3DE4's prefs for saving the current window layout when exiting 3DE4
  • added a new default setting to 3DE4's prefs for enabling/disabling luminance compensation tracking mode
  • added a new function for saving the current window layout (main window>options>save current window layout)
  • added an option to script "filter curves" for filtering the currently selected keyframes only (v1.4)
  • fixed a bug in lineup controls which could cause weird behaviour (rare)
  • improved rendering of 3DE4's list widgets
  • prevented curve editor's "curve list" widget from overlapping the actual curves area
  • added a new option to python commands getNext/PrevPoint() now taking gui order into account (& updated scripts)
  • fixed some minor bugs within 3DE4's file browser
  • fixed a problem in python script "import lens" (vertical filmback now always set to "fixed", v1.2)
  • added new python commands for manipulating playback
  • and calculation range
  • added a new python command for executing lineup control's "match frame" function
  • added a new python script which executes "match frame" on all frames within a camera's calculation range
  • added new python commands for setting deviation values (point-, point group
  • and average deviation)
  • added a new python script for resetting deviation curves
  • added new python commands for modifying a point's gui hide status
  • added new python scripts for hiding and unhiding points
  • added new python script "export multiple tracks to nuke"
  • added pivot and offset parameters to python script "transform survey" (v1.1)
  • added new python script "export convergence distance" which writes out the distance between a stereo camera and its convergence point for each frame
  • added "undistort footage" function to lineup-, distortion edit
  • and overview controls
  • improved python script "reel in points" to take point keyframe information into account (v1.2)
  • added python script "reel in points current frame"
  • removed rotation postfilter
  • added collection of python scripts to nudge a survey point in 3D space (main window>python>nudge 3d)
  • fixed a bug which could cause weird display of autotracking masks
  • improved memory management of 3DE4's image buffer infrastructure
  • removed obsolete stereo option "interocular distance>static calculated"
  • added a warning mechanism which becomes active as soon as multiple cameras with incompatible image ratio are linked to the same lens object
  • added new python commands set/getCameraFocalLengthMode()
  • improved the behaviour of several python commands (GUI consistency of lens objects)
  • fixed a bug which caused the curve editor to display wrong curve segments between linear CVs
  • added several python commads for setting attributes of a camera's matrix
  • added python scripts for importing and exporting a camera's matrix
  • added new command line options to flcinfo4 for adding/removing licenses and output a server's system id (linux only)
  • added the ability to define the FOV for each of a camera's proxies separately
  • added the python command setCameraFocalLength()
  • fixed a display bug which caused 3DE4 to display 3D reconstructed points as "floaties" (show 3d points with distortion)
  • introduced a new parameter "custom focus distance" to 3DE4's lens object (used by external ld plugins)
  • added the ability to animate "focus distance" dynamically (camera object, curve editor)
  • added several python commands for manipulating all "focus distance" related attributes
  • added new python commands for locking a point's 2d tracking curve
  • added new python scripts for locking and unlocking point tracking curves
  • patched a problem which caused 3DE4 to not correctly display reconstructed 3d points (perspective mode, rare)
  • added an option to 3DE4's nudge scripts which allows to toggle between sequences of a stereo project (v1.5)
  • fixed a bug which could cause 3DE4 to crash when calculating a zoom curve from scratch (rare)
  • added python commands for reading/writing survey 3d mocap point positions
  • added a new point attribute which allows to filter a mocap point in z-direction
  • added a pair of python scripts which allow to store and recall a camera's 3d orientation for the current frame (lineup controls>edit)
  • tracking boxes now always rotate around its center (and not around its corresponding tracking point)
  • added python commands for manipulating a camera's static interocular distance, depth
  • and vertical shift parameters
  • introduced "+" & "-" buttons for each to be adjusted parameter allowing to widen/narrow its range interactively
  • extended rolling shutter display mechanism to visualize a witness/mocap camera's timeshift
  • added another option to lineup controls which prevents 3DE from doing a "match frame" operation when assigning survey to a point
  • added the ability to change the order of sequence camera-, lens
  • and point group objects in the object browser (click-drag middle mouse)
  • added an additional consistency option to lineup controls which rotates around all axis and translates the camera along z only
  • added python script meta tag "3DE4.script.gui.button" which allows to create custom buttons within 3DE4's display area
  • fixed a number of bugs and added improvements to nuke export script (v1.3)
  • added preset feature to image controls window which allows to store 10 different sets of image controls settings
  • added script for exporting Weta's nuke distortion node as a .nk file which can be directly opened within Nuke (v1.4)
  • improved rendering performance of python console window
  • updated script "convert to surveyed" to support mocap point groups (v1.2)
  • 3DE4's timeslider now displays 2D tracking information for all reference frames (motiontracking controls, single point selection)
  • added 2 scripts for merging the objects of two projects (import/export project as *.equalizerMerge)
  • parameter adjustment window now displays current best parameter values
  • added an option to curve editor's view menu which allows to hide all tangents
  • improved function "merge points" (motiontracking controls, multiple cameras, fw vs. bw tracking)
  • added new python commads for setting the selection flags of cameras and point groups
  • added new python script "reverse reel in"
  • introduced v2.0 of python script "push points", featuring non-blocking panel window & left/right/up/down pushing
  • added several new python commands for developing non-blocking windows & dynamically changing user interfaces
  • fixed an update bug which caused a lens object to be inconsitent (obj. browser, camera context menu>modify>lens)
  • added new python script "convert to stereo"
  • added new python commands for manipulating a camera's rolling shutter attributes
  • added a new python script for exporting a nuke corner pin node which provides rough rolling shutter compensation

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