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Dear Friends of 3DE!

3DE4 Release1 beta4 has become available. During the last weeks we added a final bunch of new features, and thus 3DE4's user interface is now 98% complete!

In particular, we finalized the Parameter Adjustment Window, featuring the new Adaptive calculation mode and a few other handy additions.

Furthermore, the Object Browser received an update - now being able to list & edit geo objects; display cameras, point groups or lens objects only and providing a new complex selection tool for filtering out points of specific attributes.

Finally, we added a comprehensive undo/redo for the Curve Editor and introduced a new function to start Warp4 directly out of 3DE4 by just a single click...

Please see changelog below for more details!

Cheers, Rolf

  • added "Auto" toggle to the parameter adjustment window which forces 3DE4 to display all relevant result samples
  • added a progress bar into the parameter adjustment window's "Adjust..." button
  • temporarily disabled selection function and button "Clear" during adjustment procedure
  • added a requester which asks if the best result of an adjustment procedure should be transfered into 3DE4's database
  • added a function which allows to transfer a specific result into 3DE4's database (by selecting a single sample)
  • added adaptive adjustment mode for multiple parameters (parameter adjustment window)
  • "Center 2D/3D" function now properly centers on multiple selected points, as well (motiontracking and lineup controls)
  • "Gauge Marker" now always inserts a new keyframe into the currently selected point's tracking curve
  • added some eyecandy to the file requester
  • click "x" button of last main window now causes same behaviour as selecting the menu function main window->3de4->exit
  • added a new mode which, when enabled, forces 3DE4 to apply image controls only to the tracking boxes of actively tracked points only (motiontracking controls->options->apply ictrls to tracking boxes only)
  • added comprehensive undo/redo functions to curve editor
  • added a python scripting command to push the state of the currently active curves on the undo stack
  • added ability to undo/redo its operation to python script "Filter Curves" (v1.1)
  • fixed a minor bug in flcd4 which made it necessary to add a trailing "/" when setting env. variable "FLC4_LICENCE_FILE_3DE4" (1.0b5)
  • added a feature which allows to define multiple license server machines to search for a free license upon startup (env. variable "LICENCE_SERVER_3DE4", format: server1:server2:server3)
  • added a feature to disable 3DE4's license manager window's admin buttons import/add/delete/unlock (set env. variable "LICENCE_MANAGER_3DE4_USER_ONLY_MODE")
  • fixed a bug which forced 3DE4's license manager window to display 3DE V3 only licenses as invalid ("manage licenses" mode)
  • added a function to export the current project data to a temporary file and automatically launch warp4 with it (main window->3DE4->run warp4...)
  • fixed a display bug within parameter adjustment window (when displaying 3 parameters at the same time, y- and z-axes were swapped)
  • fixed a bug which caused a newly created point not to inherit the attributes of the previously selected point (object browser, context menu->add new->point...)
  • fixed a bug in 3DE4's maya export filter script which caused lens center offset not to be exported properly (v1.5)
  • added features for listing, selecting and deleting geo objects through functions provided by the object browser
  • added more filters for listing cameras, point groups or lens objects only (object browser menu)
  • added a complex point selection function which allows to filter out points of specific attributes (object browser->context menu->select->filter points...)
  • fixed two bugs in 3DE4's xsi export filter script (v1.4, lens center offset problem, wrong padding of image filenames)
  • 3DE4's calculation core is now able to interpolate/extrapolate the camera path in frames which contain less than 4 active tracking points
  • fixed a bug which sometimes caused 3DE4 to eat up 100% CPU time of a single CPU core (opened modal requester windows)
  • added a feature to move horizontal and vertical panes in XY at the same time (small white triangles)
  • fixed a bug within 3DE4's calculation core which caused passive points to be handled not correctly

  • fixed a lot of bugs and added a lot of improvements to 3DE4's stereoscopic calculation core routines
  • fixed a bug which caused inconsistent applying of image controls to subsequent frames (blur and/or chroma key only)
  • fixed a minor update bug (deviation browser)
  • added a feature which lets major requesters remember its size during a session (file-, calc-, progress-requesters, etc.)
  • slightly extended the area for selecting single points (ALT-LMB click, motiontracking controls)
  • added an additional button for resetting the image controls window's chroma key function (motiontracking controls)
  • improved performance for accessing compressed image buffers
  • added a function for centering the view on all selected 3D objects (orientation controls->view menu->center on selected objects)
  • added a toggle for displaying the current frame's deviation (deviation browser->show deviation value)
  • added a toggle for displaying the value of the active curve in the current frame (curve editor->view->show curve value)
  • fixed a bug which caused 3DE4 to crash when executing the 2nd python script (linux only, started through desktop icon)
  • python command "postCustomRequester" automatically can set the requester window's size (width and/or height parameter <= 0)
  • added a feature which allows it to protect certain object classes from being deleted (object browser->edit->delete...)
  • added handles for scaling a point's outer tracking box in XY (motiontracking controls)
  • added a toggle to preferences which, when enabled, forces 3DE4 to close the calculation progress window automatically
  • fixed a bug where button "Use Result" became enabled even if a calculation failed (calculation progress window)
  • 3DE4 now saves/restores the size & position of all windows, incl. those browsers & editors which have been moved to separate windows
  • additional toggle state information are now being saved into environments (deviation browser & curve editor)
  • enabled anaglyph rendering mode by default (overview controls->view menu)
  • fixed a bug in 3DE4's softimage xsi export filter script which caused the camera roll angles to be always 0.0 (v1.2)
  • added a "Save Default State" function to many toggle buttons which lets 3DE4 remember its current state (see toggle buttons' context menus)
  • added a function to reload the default state of a window's toggle buttons manually (main window->options->reload default toggle states...)

  • disabled "Image Sequence" flag for reference cameras exported through 3DE4's maya export filter script (v1.4, thanks to Stefan)
  • added script "Import Survey Textfile" (object browser->edit->file->import menu)
  • fixed an update bug within parameter adjustment window (deleting a camera
  • or lens object)
  • enabled "Samples" fields for "Fine-" and "Wide-Range" modes ("Brute Force" mode, parameter adjustment window)
  • reduced initial size of manipulator when editing a project's scene node (3D orientation controls)
  • added stereoscopic calculation mode
  • added functions for increasing/decreasing the manipulators' size (3D orientation controls->edit->manipulator size menu)
  • fixed an update bug in 3D orientation controls (attribute editor, pgroup tab, modify distance constraint settings)
  • added a function for defining a distance constraint more intuitively (3D orientation controls->edit->define distance constraint...)
  • added graphical display of distance contraint (3D orientation controls)
  • fixed a bug in the rotation manipulator which caused the to be edited objects to disappear (3D orientation controls, ortho mode, edit tranverse axis)
  • increased virtual "click-area" around manipulator handles (3D orientation controls)
  • added a full 3ds max export filter script
  • fixed a bug in setPointPosition2DBlock() python scripting command which caused the Nudge scripts not to work for backward tracking points
  • fixed a bug which caused points, created through 3DE4's CTRL+LMB mechanism in reference frames, to become backward tracking ones
  • fixed a display bug within timeline editor (reference frames, rootframe markings)
  • set minimum of near clipping planes slider to 0.01 (attribute editor, project tab)
  • added python commands setCurrentPGroup(), setCurrentCamera() and setCurrentFrame()
  • added script "Set Next Sequence Camera" which toggles through all sequence cameras (main window->python menu)
  • added requester, asking for initial name, when creating a new point set (object browser, context menu->add point set)
  • moved "Set Current Camera/Point Group" to the top of their context menu(s) (object browser)
  • image controls window implemented
  • fixed a bug which caused 3DE4 to determine/display wrong number of CPUs (preferences, win32 only)
  • fixed a bug which caused 3DE4 to determine/display wrong amount of installed RAM (preferences, osx32 & win32)
  • fixed a selection bug within timeline editor (reference cameras only)
  • fixed a bug in point undo routine which could cause 3DE4 to crash (motiontracking controls->edit->undo/redo, deviation browser opened, rare)
  • assigned standard maya shortcuts (W, E, R) for activating translate, rotate and scale manipulator (3D orientation controls)
  • added script "Export 2D Tracks to After Effects" which allows it to export 2D tracking curves to After Effects (object browser->edit->file->export menu)
  • added script "Duplicate Survey Points" which creates a copy of each selected survey point (3D orientation controls->edit menu)

  • added functions to open object browser, deviation broswer, curve editor or timline editor directly in a separate window (main window->windows menu)
  • fixed a bug which caused a timeline editor's scroll widget to disappear when separated out into a window
  • added python commands for reading & writing a camera's frames per second attribute
  • fixed a bug which prevented the online help window to open up when selecting more infos context menu of the main window's frame textfield
  • fixed a bug within the python nudge scripts which caused 3DE4 to remove all keyframes from a tracking curve (v1.1)
  • improved maya export filter script to write out proper image path information (v1.3)
  • added a full FBX export filter script

  • fixed a bug which could cause python scripts to appear in wrong menus (rare, "windows" ascii)
  • added script "Find Point Max Deviation" (deviation browser)
  • fixed a bug which prevented 3DE4 from importing a license file (license manager->import, rare)
  • fixed a bug in the XSI export script which could caused an import error in presence of multiple cameras (v1.1)
  • fixed a bug which caused 3DE4 to calculate wrong focal length values (distortion edit controls, exactly 4 matrix points, rare)
  • added active zooming funtions "Calc Zoom Curve from Scratch" & "Finetune Zoom Curve" (curve editor->calc->zoom curve)
  • added function "Make 3D Rot/Pos Curves Consistent" (curve editor->calc->zoom curve)
  • added function "Reset Zoom Curve" (curve editor->calc->zoom curve)
  • fixed a bug which caused 3DE4 to insert an extra keyframe into each camera's zoom curve (main Window->3de4->open project)
  • added a script to export the current camera and all point groups to Nuke (creates a .nk file)

  • fixed a bug which caused 3DE4 to premature collpase a whole menu, when clicking on a submenu (prefs->always collapse menus option activated)
  • fixed a bug which caused 3DE4 to scale a curve by a large factor instead of slightly filtering it (python command "filter1D()", used in Filter Curves script)
  • calc framerange menu now opens up towards the top of the window (simillar to all other main window menus)
  • added passive zooming support
  • tracking direction mode of points, created in the first frame, are forced to "forward only" (CTRL+LMB, motiontracking controls)
  • tracking direction mode of points, created in the last frame, are forced to "backward only" (CTRL+LMB, motiontracking controls)
  • added context menu to define shortcut for loading an environment (main window->environments menu)
  • extended 3DE4's python interface for accessing distortion matrix data
  • fixed a bug which caused 3DE4 to calculate wrong focal length values (distortion edit controls->calc)
  • fixed a bug which caused 3DE4 to display a wrong FOV ratio when switching between frames of different image aspect
  • fixed a bug which prevented 3DE4 from importing a license file (license manager->import, rare)
  • added a number of toggles to configure the output of more detailed point infos (manual tracking controls->view->configure point infos)
  • python scripts within a menu are now being sorted automatically according to their labels
  • added script "Reel in Points" which allows to create backprojected 2D tracking curves (motion tracking controls->edit)
  • added a full export script for Softimage XSI which allows to export all of 3DE's data (creates vb scripts)
  • further bug fixes and improvements for 3DE4's calculation core

  • added a function that allows to restore all shortcuts to their initial default state
  • improved performance of the deviation browser (massive amount of point curves)
  • added functionality for displaying point weight curves (deviation browser)
  • by default disabled automatic point weighting for manually created points
  • fixed a bug which caused 3DE4 to calculate wrong point deviation curves
  • fixed a bug within 3DE4's autotracking routine (wasting memory on projects containing a large number of frames)
  • enabled partial image buffer decompression (better performance for tracking & playback, when zoomed in)
  • fixed a bug which caused the object browser to randomly select multiple objects on double clicking a single entry
  • improved performance of autotracking routine
  • added frame range calculation feature
  • fixed a bug which caused 3DE4 to crash in some rare situations (distortion edit controls, snap function)
  • fixed a bug in python script "Export 2D Tracks" which prevented 3DE4 from exporting anything at all (v1.1)
  • tracking direction status is now being displayed in object browser (point objects)
  • filewidget objects (python interface) automatically add file extension, if parameter "filter_pattern" is not equal to "*"
  • added exporting of scene node transformations to maya export script (v1.1)
  • fixed a bug which caused 3DE4 to lose all filtered rot/pos curves (curve editor, rare)
  • fixed a bug which caused 3DE4 to hang after an adjustment procedure
  • postfilter feature added
  • added a python script for applying the postfilter to the current point group only (curve editor->calc->3d rot/pos curves)
  • added rot/pos consistency feature (curve editor->calc->3d rot/pos curves)
  • added stitching feature (curve editor->calc->3d rot/pos curves)
  • added about screen (main window->project)
  • added detailed version infos to main window title
  • a lot of bug fixes and improvements for 3DE4's calculation core

  • fixed "py25_inst/" dir installation problem
  • fixed a mouse cursor bug in motiontracking controls (wrong mouse cursor while scaling tracking boxes)
  • fixed a compatibility problem between 32 & 64 bit which caused geo objects to become corrupted (rare)
  • fixed a bug which caused pre-3DE4 project files to be opened with wrong lens settings
  • single selected points are automatically being centered in the object browser's list ("show points only" mode)
  • Attribute Editor->Camera Tab->Lens expanded by default
  • improved performance of "Select Previous Point" python script
  • double clicking an object, listed in the object browser, now opens the attribute editor and highlight the respective tab
  • fixed a problem with locked Main Window->Environments menu
  • points added thru object browser's context menu ("Add New->Point...") are selected automatically
  • fixed an update bug (Attribute Editor->Camera Tab->Lens->Browse/Focal Length)
  • improved contrast rendering of points and tracking boxes in all display area controls (Overview
  • 3D Orientation)
  • fixed a bug that caused 3DE4 to save bad preference data and crash upon loading these data again (win32 only)
  • patched a bug that caused 3DE4 to render all widgets in line stipple mode (rare)
  • added a new parameter to preferences for adjusting the display area background brightness
  • added a new toggle to preferences which forces 3DE4 to always close a menu upon selecting an option
  • fixed a serious bug in pass 2 of the autotracking procedure which caused 3DE4 to create 2D tracking curves containing systematic errors
  • prevented timeline editor to clear point selection when executing any of its edit functions
  • configured lens tab of the attribute editor to display more decimal places for its filmback/focal length parameters
  • fixed a display bug in 3DE4's new file requester (sequence view mode)
  • added a warning message which opens if fw/bw points are tracked that have no keyframes set at the end (motion tracking controls)
  • added a vertical scroll widget to the timeline editor
  • fixed a bug in the "Export OBJ..." python script which caused it to create faces with less than 3 points (v1.2)
  • introduced minimum
  • and maximum end finetuning parameters
  • introduced "Use Result" function for "Calc All From Scratch"
  • fixed a bug which caused 3DE4 to display faulty results with very low deviation when aborting an adjustment procedure
  • implemented a nudge tool through set of python scripts incl. one to define nudge distance (edit menu, manual tracking controls)
  • added automatic view all function to calculation progress window
  • minor bug fixes and improvments for 3DE4's calculation core

  • initial release

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